In-Depth Reporting with Shiptier: Clearly Observe Your Business Performance:

Shiptier offers data-oriented, comprehensive reporting opportunities for forwarder companies, allowing you to evaluate your business performance from every aspect. Whether you're analyzing your overall business performance, department-by-department or individual level, Shiptier empowers your strategic decision-making processes.

Team performance and customer conversion analysis:

Optimize your sales strategies and corporate efficiency by analyzing in detail the performance of your team and the conversion rates of potential customers. This information is critical to the growth of your business.

Financial Status Reporting and Current Exchange Rate Data:

See your financial situation clearly with comparative financial reports and instant exchange rate data based on date range. Better understand your financial performance and make quick decisions by comparing past periods in the preferred currency.

Company Index Analysis;

Your company index, created with tens of thousands of transaction data, presents your company's performance instantly on a line chart. This analysis clearly shows the evolution of your business over time.

Data-Driven Reporting with Shiptier

Shiptier's detailed reporting features help you analyze every aspect of your business and make informed decisions. Special reports such as TEU/country analysis for shipping lines, turnover profitability analysis for marketing, or TEU file count are valuable guides in your business' growth and development journey.