Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Shiptier?

Shiptier is a logistics operating system designed for logistics companies engaged in sea, air, and land transportation.

Is there an accounting application?

Yes, there are all necessary tools for accounting and finance needs. For example, features such as current accounts, cash, checks, e-Invoice, cost center, collections, payments, expenses, and bank transactions are available. For companies requiring general accounting needs, we have Orka general accounting application with API integration.

Will my data be lost?

No, your data is backed up daily in various secure formats such as document, SQL, and image. However, we cannot guarantee the preservation of the latest daily data in case of disasters.

Can I access my data from anywhere?

Yes, as long as you do not restrict IP, you can access your data from anywhere with internet access.

How can I get a report?

You can obtain various reports such as turnover-profitability, TEU/volume, file count based on customer, staff, agency, or Shipping Line; comparative reports based on PP/CC, department, or branch, and the desired date range.

Is there an online sales plugin?

Yes, you can start online sales immediately by adding the short plugin code we have created for you to your website.

Can I use it abroad?

Yes, our system currently used in the UK, Libya, and Dubai is suitable for companies operating on a global scale.

Can I integrate with foreign agents?

If your foreign agent is a Shipster user, you can send your Routing orders and Pre-alert notifications from system to system.

Who can use it?

All companies providing logistics services in sea, air, and land transportation can benefit from this system.

Can I upload my old data?

Yes, we can upload your CSV, Excel, or SQL format data to our system once on your behalf. This data may include information such as company and product cards, purchase-sale invoices, etc.

Can others see my data?

No, only personnel authorized by you can access your data.

Is there staff authorization?

Yes, you can assign rank and authority to your personnel. For example, a branch manager can see everything related to the branch, while a sales department manager can see all offers of the staff under his/her supervision. However, a salesperson can only see their own offers. The accounting department cannot see sales activities, and the sales department cannot see accounting activities.

Is there a price list?

Yes, you can add your FCL/LCL Air or Road freight rates, local charges, and pre-carriage prices to the system and quickly create offers with these rates. Additionally, you can upload your freight rates to the system all at once with an Excel list.

Can I open branches?

Yes, you can create as many branches, departments, or teams as you like.

Is there an eAwb?

Yes, we have integration with Champ at the API level.