Shiptier Integrations: Digitize Your Workflows

As an operating system designed for Forwarder companies, Shiptier offers a variety of integrations to modernize your business processes, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experience.

e-Invoice and Peppol Integration

Shiptier's e-invoice integration digitalizes your transactions, offering time and cost savings. Electronic invoicing accelerates your business processes while providing an eco-friendly approach. Ready for European e-Invoicing transactions with its Peppol integration, this system also ensures international compatibility.

e-AWB Integration

The revolutionary e-AWB integration in air transport makes paperless transactions possible. This integration facilitates the management of airway bill documents and provides real-time status tracking online, making your operations more efficient.

U-ETDS Integration

With U-ETDS integration, you can transmit your transportation vehicle data to the Ministry of Transport in real-time. This integration enhances the management and compliance of your logistic operations.

e-Freight and e-Tracking Plugin

With the e-Freight and e-Tracking plugin, Shiptier users can make direct sales through their websites and provide e-Tracking services to their customers. This feature opens an effective gateway for digital forwarding and offers easy access to customers.