Shiptier Operation Management: Operational Excellence in Logistics

Operational success in the forwarding sector depends on the flawless management of every detail. Shiptier’s Operation Management module redefines how daily workflows for operators can be facilitated, centering on this need. This structure focuses on simplifying complex logistic processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Role-Based Access

Shiptier provides operators with the ability to view loads according to their assigned permissions. This structure is especially critical for team leaders, as it allows them to easily manage the operational processes of the entire company or specific branches/departments.

Dynamic To-Do List

Each file contains a dynamic to-do list appropriate to its content (e.g., IMP FCL, EXP AIR), enabling operation managers to know the priority order of tasks and clearly understand what needs to be done at each stage.

Timely Tasks and Notifications

Shiptier displays timely tasks on the dashboard and sends automatic notifications about these tasks. This feature ensures the completion of time-sensitive operations within their schedule and prevents any oversight.

Task Monitoring for Team Leaders

Team leaders can track the workload on an operator basis through Shiptier. This aids in the effective management of workload and, when necessary, facilitates the redistribution of resources.